Saving Lives Through Technology

We want our AI technology to not only perform in the highest level, but also to serve for ‘the right’ purposes. For us, this is ‘saving more lives.’ We aim to solve the most critical issues in cancer care today: reduce medical cost and prolong survival. As a company, our philosophy is to follow value over profit. Our eyes are fixed in the fundamental and inherent values, while we simply take a portion of the fruit we bear.

about shape
about shape

The issue we’re solving

Today there is a massive lack of radiologists around the world, meaning patients aren’t getting their diagnosis from their X-ray in time and with a high risk of misdiagnosis

How we’re solving it

We develop robust and clinical algorithms for radiology that can increase throughput by automating the analysis and reporting on routine Chest x-rays, which are still time-consuming and where the backlogs are substantial.

Who we’re solving it with

Our technology is designed and developed in close collaboration with clinicians around the world to address their needs and requirements from the start. We’re always looking for new opportunities to partner and collaborate.

With over 90% Accuracy

Our blue dot® algorithm analyses and highlights abnormalities in images with impressive speed and accuracy. Our AI has been developed from over 112,114 images.

Our Team

Mustapha Zaidan

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Osei Gyeabour

Co-Founder & CTO

Francis Collins Bimpong


Nick Barba


Wendy Lea

Strategic Advisor